Eratini” (lovely) Imathia, as Homer refers, possesses a prominent geostrategic position in the area of Macedonia, which is one of its most important comparative advantages.

It is located on the Egnatia motorway, midway the Port of Igoumenitsa and Kipi Evros border crossing, on the Athens-Thessaloniki motorway, just a short distance from the port of Thessaloniki. Imathia is literally a gateway between the East and the West!

Imathia has one of the richest and most important cultural heritage that covers the entire historical spectrum and is a place of attraction for archeological and religious tourism.

There are important sites with emblematic findings such as the Royal Tombs of Vergina, the Necropolis of Aigai, the ancient Mieza with the School of Aristotle, the prehistoric settlement of Nicomedia, the tombs of Lefkadia, the Heroic Town of Naoussa and so many more to mention!

Of particular importance are the Byzantine monuments of Veria (used to be called “Little Jerusalem”), Apostle Paul’s Altar, the numerous Byzantine Churches, Monasteries and the Jewish Quarter.

Especially for the wintertime, Imathia has two fully functional ski resorts, Seli and 3-5 Pigadia, while it is the ideal base for excursions throughout Central and Western Macedonia.