Mykonos is an island with global radiance that enchants even the most demanding visitor.
It is located in the centre of the Cyclades, in the heart of the Aegean Sea.
The island of harmony, perpetual action, fine aromas, blue and white.
A bright, charming, mysterious, lively, erotic island, that invites you to live unique experiences.
Get to know real luxury and enjoy carefree and relaxing moments on its numerous wonderful beaches. Mykonos, one of the world capitals of clubbing, invites you to have as much fun as you can!
It invites you to wander in Chora’s winding picturesque alleys.
To walk on interesting hiking trails in the island’s countryside and cross its numerous white-washed chapels.
To visit the traditional village of Ano Mera.
To meet its people, its traditions and culture, visiting the sacred island of Delos, its museums, churches and monasteries.
To taste creations of international gastronomy and the marvellous local products. To enjoy high-quality hospitality services.
Mykonos is after all a “pillow” for all dreams, since every visitor is considered unique.
You can visit it easily, but leave it with difficulty.

The settlement of Chora is a wonderful architectural set of simple beauty that mesmerizes you.
The narrow pavings, the all-white houses with the doors and windows painted in the colours of earth and sea, the bougainvilleas, the churches, the museums, the picturesque coastline, all that together create a unique scenery.
During the tourist season, the alleys in Chora and the coastline are full of people.
In the famous Matogiannia, at every step you can meet internationally renowned personalities from the artistic, sports and business world. You can find numerous stores with famous brands of any type, as well as ambient cafes, bars, restaurants for every taste, at any time of the day.
Two iconic, world-famous elements attract the keen interest of visitors. The church complex of Panagia Paraportiani and the cluster of Windmills dominating the settlement of Chora.
At a close distance, you can find one of the most famous areas of the island, Little Venice, with the mansions of the captains of the 18th century, built literally in the sea.
Here you can enjoy your drink, admiring the idyllic sunset and gazing at the sea that unfolds in front of you.

Mykonos is second to none as regards the number and variety of its beaches.
Organized, famous, worldwide known beaches with high-quality services, and other less known and more quiet beaches, all of which are crystal clear and gorgeous, bathed in the warm Mykonian sun and cooled by the sea breeze.
Depending on your wishes, you can enjoy your swim, relax, or even have fun.

Among the top clubbing destinations of Europe, Mykonos offers infinite nights of fun.
In the numerous renowned clubs of the island, the famous, internationally renowned DJs create a unique atmosphere of frantic fun, which lasts as long can have. Diversity-friendly, Mykonos has several gay clubs. Apart from the frantic nightlife, you can also find more quiet bars, where you can enjoy your drink listening to subtle music, with a unique marvellous view and with an absolute sense of relaxation.

Next to Mykonos, just 6 miles away from the cosmopolitan atmosphere, you can find the sacred island of Delos.
According to mythology, this is the island where Apollo and Artemis were born, and therefore this place is considered sacred.
Delos remains today the best-preserved ancient city of insular Greece, and it is the biggest outdoor museum on an island. The Archaeological Museum of Delos is among the oldest and most important museums of the country. Today, 9 of the museum’s rooms are used as exhibition areas, where the sculptures and reliefs found in Delos are exhibited, being one of the best collections worldwide.
The island today constitutes an exclusively archaeological area that narrates myth and teaches History.
Mykonos is connected to Delos on a daily basis by scheduled boat itineraries, leaving from the old port, for the visitors who wish to live History as a unique lifetime experience.